It was a great day at the Tradebank Holiday Expo sharing the benefits of Blyss Body Butter. 

It resulted in a complete sell out! Now to make more for two bulk orders! Wooohooo! 

Other amazing opportunities are in the works with a spa and massage therapist too. Order yours at


12/05/2016 4:53am

Blyss is actually one of the most famous company in most European states. And they are providing quite good quality products on a very low price that we should buy them.

07/24/2017 7:54am

I just can't tell you how much I love this product. I love how healthy my skin looks after applying it. My skin feels so soft when using this. In the Sumner after being on the beach all day I love to put this on after showering. It makes me look and feel good and ready to go out. I will repeat and buy again. Getting a good massage can be a blissful experience. Whether you get a deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology, or Swedish massage, you'll hopefully feel serene and pampered afterward. But massage therapists do much more than simply knead your muscles and decrease your stress. We spoke to a few to learn their secrets of their relaxing trade.

05/02/2017 12:11pm

You need a good promo company. You need more people to know about your products!

08/06/2017 8:56pm

I'd always trying to try different stuff for my body and face. I like your product so much!


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